A Abbey Crown Ltd.
AEA Technology, Harwell
Abbey Mills Riverine Centre
Anglian Water Plc.
Artesian Property Group
B Bank of East Asia
Binstock Investments Ltd.
Blue Circle Developments Plc.
Blue Circle Industries Plc.
Blue Circle Properties Ltd.
BT Group Plc.
Business Transfer Centre
Burley Estates
C Colibri Press
Carltone Consultancy Ltd.
Carter Developments Ltd.
Chinese Community Centre, London
Churchgate Properties Ltd.
City Loft Company Ltd.
Corporate Intelligence Group
The Crown Estate
Conoco (UK) Ltd.
D DoE Property Holdings
Deloitte & Touche Consulting
Department of Transport
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
Douglas & King Architects
David Game College Group
Dragon and Phoenix Ltd.
E Early's of Witney
Easden Investments Ltd.
EDF Energy Plc (Group Property)
EDF Energy Networks Plc
Elias Group
English Partnerships
EON Ltd.
EW Spears & Co. Ltd.
F Forsters Solicitors
G Golden Palace Restaurant
Goodman Mann Broomhall Chartered Surveyors
H High Herts Riding School
J Jill Worldwide Corporation
K Kent European Enterprises Ltd.
Kirdkdale Supplies Ltd.
L Lee & Kan Solicitors clients
Lincolnshire County Council
London Borough of Hackney
London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham
London Borough of Kingston upon Thames
London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
London Borough of Sutton
London Film Academy
London Institute of Technology and Research
M Major Estates
Marples Developments Ltd.
MacCreadie Hotel, London
Meadow Works Industrial Estate
Merivale Moor Plc.
MSA Leisure Ltd.
Ministry of Defence
Minder Music Ltd.
N North Devon District Council
Northbrook College, Worthing
P Paul Evans (Design) Associates Ltd
Parkside Development Co. Ltd., Coventry
P&O Developments
PowerGen Plc.
PricewaterhouseCoopers (Expert Panel)
Q Queens Motors Ltd.
R Railtrack Property
Rank Xerox
Reedlong Ltd.
RLF Construction & Property Consultants
Rochester upon Medway City Council
S Sevenoaks School, Sevenoaks, Kent
Swallow Property & Leisure Developments
T Thames Power Ltd.
Thomas Lawrence (Bracknell) Ltd.
Trevor Osbourne Property Group
U University for Lincolnshire Project Co.
University of Northumbria
W Whitecliff Properties Plc.
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